Friday, April 27, 2012

Vintage Romance

There is nothing more beautiful than the creation of a new family.  The bride we are featuring today brought her family together on April 7, 2012 in the Grand Ballroom at Stonegate Center for the Arts in Pleasant Grove, Utah.  

Melissa Carter already had the man of her dreams...Mr. Rowan Carter; her beautiful little baby boy who filled every day of her life with happiness.  

Then one day while at a mission farewell she laid her eyes upon Taylor Tomlinson. "I was immediately taken over with a school girl type crush on him."  On their first date Taylor made them dinner. "It was super adorable.  He gave me cooking lessons, slaved away in the kitchen, and served me a delicious meal. It was the best date I had ever been on."  After many sweet kisses on the forehead from Taylor and patiently waiting, Melissa spoke up and said "Hello! I'm ready to kiss you now! I really want to!"  A very awkward and extremely exciting kiss followed.

Things seemed to click for Melissa very early on.  She fell in love quite easily with Taylor.  From the very beginning she could see herself and Rowan with Taylor.  

Taylor realized his love for Melissa while on a trip with her and Rowan at her family's cabin. They were talking one night and in the middle of a sentence Taylor grabbed Melissa's face and said, "Melissa I could totally see myself marrying you...and that scares me so badly." It didn't seem to scare him too badly because he proposed soon after. 

The couple went shopping for the ring together but Taylor still managed to make the proposal a surprise.  Melissa was sitting at her kitchen table on the computer when Taylor got down on one knee. "He said a lot of sweet things and then asked me to marry him.  I said YES, of course!"

Melissa is a one of a kind person and she wanted a one of a kind wedding.  Her "Lace and Pearl" theme was inspired by her exquisite Allure Couture gown, made from layers of lace appliques, handmade flowers and beautifully accented with pearls and Swarovski crystals.  "My wedding dress almost immediately became the focal point of my wedding." 

Because Melissa is so particular she was very concerned that finding her dress would be a difficult and exhausting experience.  It ended up being quite the opposite.  Her bridal consultant listened to what she liked and guided her toward many beautiful gowns. "I felt very relaxed and almost pampered throughout the experience".

Melissa wanted to add her own unique touch to her gown, so she had the back extended to a very high Queen Anne neckline. "I was amazed at how perfect just one small touch of adding a collar made the dress just that much more complete for me."  She also wanted the sheer lace sleeves to be lined, to match the bodice of the dress. "The seamstress was so sweet and helpful, as well as amazingly talented. The process was easy and stress free for me."

Taylor loved the dress.  His excitement was adorable and Melissa felt like a Queen.

Everything at the wedding revolved around the gown; from the decor, to the bridal party's dresses, and the Bridal Party's accessories including the bride's. 

Melissa and Taylor's favorite part of the wedding day was the ceremony.  Everything melted away as they gazed into each other's eyes.  It was special and seemed like a moment that was frozen in time forever. 

Melissa would like to give a few words of advice to potential brides:  "Trust your consultant.  They find the perfect wedding dress for girls each day so they know what looks good on what body type with what skin tone, etc. Be careful about who you bring to your appointment because their opinions can sometimes get in the way of what is best for you, and remember that what is going to make you happy is ultimately the best choice because it is your day. Lastly, don't be afraid of alte
rations because they are your best friend!"

Brides Dress, Headpiece, Jewelry, Shoes, and Alterations provided by The Perfect Dress.
Bridal Party's Dresses, Jewelry, Shoes, Bolero, and Alterations provided by The Perfect Dress.
Bridal Party's Headpieces by Carlee Platt
Flowers by Sue Magelby
Cake by Sharon Wright
Cake Decor by Carlee Platt
Food by Hickory Kist of Provo
Reception held at Stonegate Center for the Arts
Pictures by Scott Myler Photography

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  1. Ohh what a gorgeous dress and gorgeous theme! Lace and Pearls? How classy is that?! Also your bridesmaids are hott.