Monday, June 25, 2012

Love, Marriage and Diet Coke

This is a special blog post. This is my wedding! I am super excited to blog about it because,well, it's my favorite wedding!

Me(Sarah) and Bryan met long before we decided to date. I was on the high school volleyball team with Bryan's sister, I was actually only 14 and Bryan 17 when we met. Many years later, about 4, Bryan decided to finally ask me out on a date. Our first date was to the local Chili's, where we are now regulars to the point of the waiters bringing out the Diet Coke and chips without asking. After about a month of casually hanging out, Bryan finally kissed me and our complicated, on-again-off-again relationship began. After moving home from school for the summer we finally decided to be 100% serious and settle down.

It took me a while to decide on my ring, after finally having it made, Bryan purposed on December16, 2011. He was trying to keep it a surprise so he just drove around Salt Lake to take me back to Bountiful for a beautifully, candle lit gazebo close to his house that his family had sprinkled rose petals all over. It was just perfect!

Having been working here, I had my eye on her dress before Bryan even purposed. I ordered the Allure M451 and with only minor alterations was so pleased with my gown! I really loved it, my seamstress was amazing! I love all the girls here and they all helped me decide on my dress and I couldn't have been happier! My advice to brides shopping for their gown is to trust your seamstress, they are so skilled and will make your dress look perfect! Also, to not second guess yourself. Once you've found the one stop looking, you don't keep looking after you've found the man so why keep looking after you've found your dress?!

Bryan loved my dress. His face lit up when he saw me in it for the first time. Definitely a memory I will always cherish. When I finally let him look at my bridals he kept telling me I picked the perfect dress and he loved the way it looked on me.I felt like the prettiest bride ever in my dress. It was fit to my body, and just what I had always wanted. I was so flattered by all the comments I got during my reception and even when I saw people later. I keep looking for reasons to put it back on!

My colors were dark purple and lavender with lime green accents. The decor of the reception was just what I had envisioned. My flowers were just perfect, my bouquet was stunning I am still in love with it. My favorite part was being with my family, having all 15 of my nieces and nephews there, and FINALLY being married to the man of my dreams. 

We don't like cake but have unhealthy addictions to Diet Coke, so my sister's and I decided to make the cake out of Diet Coke cans instead! Bryan and I loved the way it turned out and enjoyed the much needed caffeine kick we got during the "cake cutting."

The car decorating carried on the Diet Coke love. Friends and family filled the our car with almost $100 worth of Diet Coke. It was nice to have after the honeymoon, but the drive away was really dangerous! Cans were flying everywhere, it was super fun though!

We chose May 18, 2012 for our wedding date. Despite Bryan's best efforts, we were married in the Salt Lake Temple, where I had dreamed of getting married from age 5. We held a luncheon and reception at The Canterbury Place in Bountiful.

Photos by Takes 2 Photography (

Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Brides' Maid: This is a Wedding, Not a Funeral!

Here is a really the link to a great Blog Post from one of our favorite Wedding bloggers The Brides' Maid! It's all about creating a classic and timeless look for your wedding by choosing black as your wedding color.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

"Style Me Pretty"

Recently one of our brides was featured on the most popular bridal blog in the country.  "Style Me Pretty" features only the most incredible weddings and Laura Tafoya of Arizona was lucky enough to grace their page. She wore an elegant chiffon Allure gown that she purchased from The Perfect Dress.

 Check out her blog by clicking below:

Monday, June 11, 2012


After 11 years of dating, Kasey and Marshall said, "I DO" 
on the beach of Cabo San Lucas on
 November 11, 2011. 

Marshall and Kasey met in high school and fell in love after three months. Here they are, 11 years later and more in love than ever. Their life events have molded them into the people they are today and the love they share has only grown stronger through the years. 

Marshall proposed to Kasey on the last night of their bowling league. Inscribed on her bowling ball were the words, "Will you marry me?" With Marshall on one knee, surrounded by family, Kasey said YES! and her wedding planning began! 

Kasey was a unique bride, in that she didn't have the exact dress she wanted in mind from the beginning. "When I tried it on and could envision the alterations, I knew it was the dress for me!"  Kasey was encouraged by her consultant to try on the gown and says she wouldn't have done so without her consultant's advice. She is so happy she had another perspective to help with the selection of her dress.

Kasey was really grateful for her wonderful seamstress. "She was patient and willing to do what it took...She worked right up to and through the birth of her baby!" The dress, being an 'off the rack' dress, needed a bit of work to make it the strapless beauty Kasey envisioned. Her seamstress was wonderful and made it just what Kasey wanted. Kasey would tell any bride to not be afraid of purchasing 'off the rack.' "With a good seamstress and a vision, your dress can become the perfect dress!" 

Kasey looked gorgeous on her wedding day in Mexico. She looked and felt like a beautiful bride. Marshall was very pleased with the dress as well. After whispering how great she looked after first seeing his bride, he reminded her time and again how much he adored her throughout the evening. Kasey thought Marshall looked pretty great himself!

After the reception at The Hilton Los Cabos, the celebrations continued with a bon-fire on the beach. Kasey and Marshall had time to unwind and enjoy the beautiful evening with their wedding party. 

Marshall and Kasey ended the party with a fun "Trash the Dress" as they took a swim in the hotel pool!

Kasey's dress was her perfect dress, she felt it had enough Latin flare to match the venue. She liked the idea of a mermaid dress for a beach wedding. She even designed her wedding cake to match the ruffles of the gown proving how the whole day revolves around the perfect dress and, most importantly, the Blushing Bride!  

Photography: Sweet Memory Garden
Venue, Catering, Cake, Hair & Make up: Hilton Los Cabos
Wedding Planner, Flowers, Decor: Harvest Moon Events
Table Linens: Wild Flower Linens