Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Why Are Wedding Gowns So Expensive? A Candid And Thorough Answer

Dear The Perfect Dress, 
 I work at a Bridal Salon and I was wondering if you could talk about curbing Bride's expectations about what they can get for their budget?  I get Brides who want an all lace wedding gown for under $500 or want a huge, poofy beaded gown (brand new, mind you) for around $200.   Help! Get the word out that it's just not possible! 


Concerned Consultant C.C.

 Oh yes. We know this all to well. 

 Lets start from the very beginning.  

It's a very good place to start.  

 No, but seriously. 

 Let's talk about what goes into making these beautiful gowns. 

 How about we dissect this Justin Alexander gown in the photo above to see what really goes into making it.  

This is not a $10,000 wedding gown.  

The price of this gown is pretty average and that's why we picked it.  

We chose this gown because it has the fullness, the layered tiers and the beading that every classic Bride would want. 

 This gown starts with an incredible structure.


 This is boning.  

This is what is built into most wedding gowns and this is what keeps a strapless gown up and keeps our tummies in. 

 Over all of this boning and lining there is a lot of crinoline.  

And yes, all full dresses have a built in crinoline.  

Slips that you purchase separately are made for the bride that wants the gown fuller than it already is.

This is a very editorial type shot, but it shows you whats under a full dress.

 Over that comes a layer of heavy satin, that's like this gown below, to smooth all of that crinoline out.  

 Now comes the fun part. 

 All of that beautiful layered organza.  

There was probably a good 15 yards of organza put into that gown with all of these layers.

 And then you have those beautiful beads at the waistline and we're not talking about cheap foggy beads that you get at a craft store.  

We're talking about clear beautiful glass beads.  

Even Swarovski crystals are set in there.  

 Put that all together and you get a great dress that's $200. 

 Sound a little ridiculous? 

 That's because it is. 

 Wedding gowns are made with some of the highest quality materials and the craftsmanship is second to none.  

Oh and don't even get us started on a lace gown!  

 Now, we are not saying all of this to be mean, we are just saying this so that you can have a frank conversation with yourself about your budget and what you can honestly afford.  

Don't get your heart set on a $5,000 style of dress if you can only afford $200. 

For those brides that are looking for these gowns, go to the sale racks and sample sales where you can find a sample gown that is a few years old .  

Don't turn your nose up at those because, let's be honest, you can't afford to. 


  We can hear some of you saying "well, I found a dress like that for only $200 online".  

To that we say, RUN!!!  


   Let our motto be "you get what you pay for".  

Remember this. 

 Hope this helped C.C. and keep the questions and suggestions coming in people. 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Brides, Here Is A Piece Of Advice That Will Save You Some Heartache

So you have met this person.  

Fallen head over heels for them.  

Dated them for however long it has taken you to realize that you love them and then they finally pop the question. 

 What do you say? 

 YES, of course!! 

 You've never been so happy in your life.  I mean, this person treats you like a million bucks.  They make you feel beautiful inside and out and everyone says that you are just glowing now that you guys are together. 

 So, what do you do next? 

 What everyone does, duh. 

 You look around a little more to see if maybe there is somebody better out there.

  No one has to know right?  


 Don't look at us like that!

 You just need to know if there is someone more beautiful that makes you feel even BETTER and makes you glow even MORE, am I right? 


 Answer us this question, why is this so absurd when it comes to getting engaged to the right person, but when you have bought your favorite dress that you are so in love with, that makes you glow and feel beautiful it's just fine to go out and keep looking "just in case"? 

See what we are getting at here?


Let's be honest, you will always find someone more handsome, charming and wonderful than your significant other (this person may not feel the same way back towards you or have the same connection, but you will find someone). 

 Oh really? So if you walk into a room and see this standing in front of you, you wouldn't be thinking "whoa...".

Well, hello Mr. Beckham

 If you said no, you're lying. 

 The same thing goes with wedding gowns.

Once you have bought your dress, put the Wedding Magazines down, cancel all of you other Bridal Gown Appointments and close the dress chapter in your "Planning Your Wedding" book.  

Why would you torture yourself?  

You love that dress and it makes you feel beautiful. 

 Unless you have unlimited funds.  

We had a bride that bought 4 different dresses from us because every time she came in for alterations, she would look at other dresses.  

 Anyway, we don't think we need to keep going on about this.  

You get the point.  

Just take our advice and be ecstatic with what you have and quit looking for something better. 

 I think we can take this advice and put it towards all facets of our lives. 

Look at us!

Teaching life lessons and everything!   

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Pros and Cons of Buying a Sample Wedding Gown Off the Rack

Why don't we talk about the Pros and Cons about buying an in stock, sample wedding gown.

Lists are nice. 

It seems more clear cut and precise.

So, let's do a list.

Pros of buying your wedding gown off the rack:


 1.  From now on, your wedding gown will never leave your sight.  You can bring it home, lock it up in a pet and childproof closet and when you're feelin' lonely, take it out and whisper sweet nothings to it. 

 2.  Because it's been in the shop and been tried on a few times, there might be some snags or a little bit of dirt.  We know what you're thinking, "shouldn't that be a con"?  Well if you think saving money is a con then you're right.  If you like to save a few hundred dollars on a designer gown then this is a pro.  The gown will be marked down from the original price and most of time, snags and dirt can be easily fixed   

 3.  If you have a quick engagement you won't have to wait the weeks that it can take to get your gown in. 

 4.  You can get started ASAP with your alterations. 

 5.  You don't have to pay for shipping. 

 6.  And most importantly, it cuts down on anxiety and worry. 

 Cons about buying your wedding dress off of the rack.

 1.  You are probably buying a sample, which means that it is around a size 8 to 12.  If you are smaller or bigger than that it means that you will need  alterations.  One of the best reasons to get your dress from The Perfect Dress is that we have the best Seamstresses and this is something that can be easily done and will look fantastic!

 Honestly, that is the only Con we can think of.

For many Brides, buying a Sample off of the rack is the way to go and the only person that will know that it's not a brand spankin' new special ordered gown is you!

...and us.

But we will keep it our little secret.