Monday, March 26, 2012


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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

In L.O.V.E. in N.Y.C.

We've got beautiful nuptials for you today in rich shades of aubergine accented with peacock feathers.  An elegant affair with an elegant bride to match!  Enjoy!

Chad and Deanna met on the back pew of an L.D.S. singles branch in Memphis Tennessee.  On their first date, (according to Deanna) they had dinner in Memphis, then went back to Chad's friend's home to play Wii basketball with friends.  While jumping into the air to make a shot, Deanna surprised even herself with her athletic prowess and broke the ceiling fan!  

Deanna was mortified, but we all know that Chad was enchanted by her competitive nature.

Chad was very nervous to kiss Deanna, as he had admired her for an excruciating amount of time, but he held her close and asked if he could kiss her, she obliged.  Any fears Deanna had of Chad not being an excellent kisser vanished forever.

Deanna moved to New York City about a month before Chad proposed.  Chad came to the Big Apple with a big question.  He was nervous as he had no idea if Deanna would say yes, but he took a chance on a gondola ride in Central Park.  While being serenaded with Italian love songs, Chad turned to Deanna and told her how much she meant to him.  He then asked if she would be with him forever.  Deanna immediately started crying and asked "Why didn't you tell me?"  To which his response was "That's the point! I'm telling you now!"

Deanna and Chad were married December 28, 2011 in the Salt Lake L.D.S. Temple.

Deanna loved the style of the dresses worn by her grandmother and her great aunts in the 1950's with 3/4 length sleeves.  She wanted the neck and back to show off her exquisite neck and clavicle lines, and we can see why!

"My seamstress is brilliant!  I recommend her to everyone!  She is positive, enthusiastic, sensitive, and absolutely helpful in every way.  She carried out EXACTLY the vision I had for this dress, and more.  I lived in NYC while having my dress (quite drastically) altered, and fitted precisely.  Even without seeing the final product until 3 days prior to the wedding, it was totally fine.  I truly trust her with anything that is to be altered."

When we asked Deanna what her favorite part of the wedding day was she told us.
"That Night......Just Kidding... But Seriously"
"The best part of our wedding day was realizing that we were married.  Hopefully this emotion will be the best part for everyone -- realizing that the person you've wanted to be with forever, you are now with... FOREVER.  It's like a dream.  The whole day was an excellent blissful dream.

Deanna's advice:  Find something with fabric you can work with, then call  The Perfect Dress's exclusive seamstress and give her the details.  She can make anything possible!  Trust me on this!

"So ladies, give nervous boys a chance.  It's way cuter if they're nervous anyway."

Congratulations Deanna and Chad!  Thank You for sharing your beautiful story with us!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Destination: LOVE

We're so happy you stopped by our little corner of the web to hear about our beautiful bride Abbie Fronk.  

Abbie and Kevin met while attending school in Hawaii.  They were both on soccer teams, and had a class together.  Kevin asked Abbie out and their first date was a scavenger hunt.  They had to complete tasks that were worth different points based on "difficulty".  Things like eating a spoon full of cinnamon, getting a stranger to dance with you, and other indiscretions involving your dates nose!  These two are a riot!  Active, happy and always having fun!   

Apparently Abbie had too much fun, as she ended up banned from a certain grocery store.   Meanwhile, Kevin ended up getting off scott free!

The fact that Abbie had been banned from the store didn't seem to have a negative effect on how Kevin felt about her, because a few dates later they were kissing underneath the stars on a pristine beach in Hawaii.  Abbie and Kevin continued dating, till one evening he took her to a beach to see giant sea turtles, but upon arrival, there were absolutely no turtles to be seen.  Right Kevin! "Turtles" So his next idea was to stargaze, and while they were both standing there, Abbie decided that Kevin had already wasted enough valuable time!  Abbie kissed Kevin; her best first kiss ever!

Kevin's proposal was an all day event! While in Huntington Beach California, Kevin started out by surprising her with a picnic and roses under a quaint gazebo.  After the picnic they went horseback riding for a few hours, followed  by a gondola tour of the Newport Harbor at sunset.  While on the tour the guide conveniently found a bottle with a message in it.  Can you guess what it said?
"Abbie will you marry me?
Love, Kevin."

Abbie was still living in Hawaii and felt limited in her choices there.  She knew she wanted a dress with a fitted bolero jacket, and knew she loved the wedding gown designer, Maggie Sottero.  That's when she called us!  She explained to us her situation, and that she needed to do everything long distance.  "They were able to get my dress that fit perfectly the first time I tried it on, and custom create a jacket that looked perfect without me ever stepping foot into the store!  I could not have been happier and everyone was so impressed with how perfect it all turned out.  It was amazing."

Abbie and Kevin were married December 29, 2011 in the Laie, Hawaii L.D.S. Temple.

Abbie's dress was simple and elegant, and set the tone for the rest of her wedding.  Her reception was held under a white tent on the beach of Turtle Bay Resort.

"Kevin absolutely loved my dress.  He still tells me how beautiful I looked and how perfect the dress was."

Abbie's Advice:  "I would tell brides to find a dress you can't stop thinking about.  When I found my dress I think I looked at it everyday online until it was sent to me. Be open and willing to try new ideas and styles, and lastly, find the one that you're in love with, no one else's opinions matter, you're the one who is going to feel special in it that day!"

Congratulations Kevin and Abbie! Keep having fun!
Malama Pono
"Take care, until we meet again"