Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pretty in Pink!

Stephanie Fox Rassmussen has fantastic style, and wowed us with her nuptials in romantic shades of blush, rose and pink.   

Stephanie and Nick met while on a vacation to Lake Powell.  It was a trip they both took with mutual friends from college, and lo and behold they ended up on the same houseboat.  

Nick asked out Stephanie, and Stephanie could not control her butterflies as she anxiously awaited Nick's arrival.  Nick had planned to take Stephanie out for Gelato, but as they approached their destination they could see that it had closed.   

Stephanie could tell that Nick was nervous, but it was easily overlooked, because by this time Stephanie was hooked.  She was just happy to be with him, no matter what they did.

Nick decided to try an alternate ice cream shop, and you'll never guess... It was closed too!  So they opted to go over to Nick's place and make cookies and play ping pong.  The date didn't go as smoothly as Nick planned, but we're pretty sure these two could have gone to the dentist together and had a good time.  

After dating for several months, Nick took Stephanie out for a nice dinner at Market Street Grill.  While at dinner Nick explained that the ring they had ordered would take at least two more months to come in.

Stephanie's hopes were shattered as she considered having to tack on two more months to the time she had to wait to marry Nick. The couple returned to Nick's house, and as Stephanie turned the corner, she could see a room lit with candles and filled with roses.

At the bottom of the stairs there was a beautiful table set with candles, dozens of roses, and most importantly, her ring!

Nick then held the ring in his hands, and took a knee as he asked Stephanie to be his wife.

This is when we first met Staphanie!  Stephanie came to us wanting a dress with longer sleeves, but not an exact style in mind.  She ended up with a beautiful strapless gown by Mori Lee and had a bolero jacket with lace sleeves custom made to match the dress. She worked closely with her seamstress to perfect her look. "The gal who helped me with my alterations was so great! She even did drawings to help me imagine it!  I wanted to incorporate my sleeve with my dress, so I decided to add the ruffle on the bottom of my sleeve to match the bottom of my dress. So beautiful!"  Stephanie's bolero was stunning with her dress. So stunning, in fact, that she has been featured in multiple bridal blogs and in Utah Valley Bride Magazine. 

Nicholas Backman Rasmussen and Stephanie Ann Fox were married in the Salt Lake L.D.S. temple on June 9, 2011. 

A beautiful reception was held in their honour at the exquisite Devereaux Mansion.

Where gelato was served, the gelato they never got on their first date.

Congratulations Nick and Stephanie!  Your wedding was gorgeous!  Thank You for letting The Perfect Dress be a part of your perfect day!

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