Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Our Bride Savannah

You may remember our Post about our Bride Savannah that
we did in April.
You can read it here if you would like a little refresher.

You may have seen Savannah's beautiful face around quite often these days, 
especially if you've been to Times Square recently.

That's her!

And honestly, we couldn't think of a better time to share some beautiful photos of Savannah
in her gown than the week of Christmas.

Now, when you're a beautiful Bride who is from London that marries a Utah boy,
you have ceremonies and take photos in both beautiful locations and that's exactly what they did.

Well hello Big Ben!

They had some pretty awesome Photographers, 
who "were willing to hop across the pond to capture both events,"
Savannah says.

"Thank you for making my shopping experience a wonderful one."

"I wanted to feel beautiful but relaxed and able to move freely."

"When I saw the headdress on the countertop at my final fitting, I fell in love with it!"

Well, it sounds cheesy but, we fell in love with you Savannah.

It was our pleasure to help you find your Perfect Dress!