Monday, August 27, 2012

A Provo Holiday

Kevin and Gabby's relationship started in a unique way. "I was dating another guy and Kevin was giving me advice as to how to break up with him." That advice benefited them both! 

On their first date, Kevin took Gabby to Chocolate, an ice cream parlor, where they sat and talked the night away! A few dates later, Kevin got up the courage to give a good night kiss. "It was in front of another couple! I wasn't expecting it. It was very brave and sweet, but I was shocked!" 

 Kevin fell in love quick! Gabby taught him patience and waited a couple months to tell him back. It was on a beautiful July evening under fireworks where she said those three special words.


Kevin proposed in Gabby's Provo apartment. He had lights and candles all around the room with pictures and letters and big dates involving their relationship hanging from the ceiling. "It was very romantic and sweet."

Gabby Fowler and Kevin Turner were married for Time and Eternity in The Salt Lake LDS Temple on May 5, 2012 (Cinco de Mayo) Followed by a vintage elegant reception held at Mill Creek Inn.

Gabby's dress was the very first one she tried on. After seeing how the bodice and sleeve she envisioned could come true, she knew it was the one! Gabby's advice to other brides is: "have ideas of what you want and be willing to trust your seamstress."



Kevin loved Gabby's dress. He wasn't allowed to see or even hear anything about her dress. He told Gabby it was nothing that he had ever seen or imagined, and thought she looked gorgeous!

Gabby looked and felt amazing on her wedding day! "It was cute and comfortable. I was so proud to show off my dress that was unique, gorgeous, and that I helped design!" 

Gabby's favorite part of the day was the Temple Sealing. With how beautiful everything turned out, she knew she didn't choose wrong. 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Vintage Velvet Wedding

This is a special blog for us here at TPD. One of our own, Miss Lexie Snow and her hubby Richard were married on June 8, 2012.  Lexie is our guest writer today and will tell her own story!

 It all started with Dee's Restaurant. NO, don't re-read that. You read it right. Dee's is exactly what I said. After a sorority/fraternirty activity late one night, my group of friends and Richard's group of friends decided Dee's hot chocolate was in order. Richard and I ended up sitting across from one another while there. I didn't pay much attention to him besides the fact that I was admiring his Ralph Lauren polo and green glasses. He was shy, and we didn't really talk. The night drew to a close, we said our goodbyes, and headed home. As time went on, we both dated other people, but somehow always ended up at the same parties, the same group date nights, the same movie nights and so on. Little did I know, the boy that sat across from me at Dee's would be my husband a year and a half later...

The weekend before he asked me out, we had seen each other at a friend's birthday party and I had started to realize what a truly genuine guy he was. I secretly hoped that he would ask me out in the near future and vowed to one of my best friends that if he never took the leap, sooner or later, i would take matters into my own hands.

Surprise, surprise. He beat me to the punch.
 The following night I got a call from that handsome man asking me to dinner the very next day. He picked me up at 6 o'clock sharp, looking ever so handsome, and took me to get ice cream. (I knew he was a keeper right then and there.. ice cream before dinner? My kind of man.) After indulging, we headed to the park, talking, swinging, and all that other good stuff you do on the first date. When the time was right, we headed to his brother's house for dinner where I instantly fell in love with him and his wife who were so welcoming. I was on cloud nine upon returning to my home and had a good feeling in my heart....this boy was a keeper. Your'e probably wondering why I left out the part about our kiss when he dropped me off, but I made that boy work for it. It wasn't until the third date where I finally let him have a was good...yeah, real good. :)

 I wish I had some huge epiphany story to tell about when I knew that Richard was "the one" but, sigh... I don't. Looking back, I realize that since day one,  Richard was the guy I had always hoped for. All throughout dating him I had a peaceful feeling, never once thinking that I would be ending it. I didn't care about meeting new people or worrying about what parties I was missing out on, I was just happy to be with Richard, no matter what it was we were doing.  We weren't an official couple until about 3 months into the relationship and after 6 whole months of dating, we decided it was time to take the next step.


The proposal came a month later on a cold and snowy morning in February. He took me up the canyon to the same spot he had asked me to be his girlfriend at... It was our own little place, equipped with a waterfall and all. However this time, it was covered in fresh snow, that was still lightly falling all around us. I knew right then and there what was about to happen. I began to shake, scared, but filled with an overwhelming feeling of happiness. After getting down on his knee and asking me that infamous question, I screamed and blurted the magical three letter word as fast as I possibly could. Suddenly,  his friend appeared holding a video camera and a bouquet of white hydrangeas (my favorite). He had caught the whole thing on tape!
Five months later, on the 8th of June, in the Salt Lake Temple, I married my best friend....

After our ceremony, we had an open house at Hidden Valley Country Club in the evening. It was absolutely perfect. Once we started to plan our reception, we decided we wanted to put a spin on the "traditional reception" and opted out of the receiving line.

 We had ALOT of delicious food including, caprese, steak skewers, Waldorf salad and an assortment of fruit. We urged our guests to grab a plate, sit down, and relax! We wanted it to be more of a "dinner party atmosphere". For dessert, I did away with the cake and brought in a three-tier cupcake tower piled high with cupcakes ranging from red velvet, chocolate and ambrosia, sprinkled with gold flecks. I couldn't have imagined it any better than it turned out to be. And the best part was seeing so many of our wonderful friends and family who all showed up to show their love and support for Richard and I! 

Now, to the best dress! I knew all along I wanted a lace dress, not white, with a lavish train, queen ann neck and a vintage feel. The Perfect Dress was my first choice when deciding what bridal store to visit first. I had shopped their through High School, buying my dresses for school dances. It just so happened they were my first and my only stop on my wedding dress hunt. Immediately upon entering the store, I was greeted with smiling faces and the cutest sales girl who was eager to help me find the perfect dress (no pun intended). After about 5 dresses, I tried on a Maggie Sottero, beaded ivory lace with light gold underlay strapless gown, with a lavish train. The minute I put it on, I just knew it was my dress. However, their was a small problem...I wanted sleeves and a queen ann neck....this dress had neither. Luckily, my worries were put to ease when the Perfect Dress informed me of marvelous miracles worked by their alterations department. I was paired with an AMAZING seamstress who went above and beyond to make my dress exactly what I wanted. She listened to all my ideas, made my dress fit like a GLOVE.

  But, the Perfect Dress didn't just stop there, they went head over heels to help me pick out my veil, shoes, and jewelry!   ***WE loved working with Lexie so much at her bridal appointment that we hired her 1 week later!!*** 

As for the rest of the wedding plans, my dress was the center of attention and I made sure decorations, colors, flowers etc., revolved around it. 

For bridals, Richard and I headed up to Midway, Utah and that's when I really knew I had picked the perfect dress. The look on his face was priceless the first time he saw me in it. He lit up like a light bulb and the biggest smile appeared on his face and mine. For the entirety of the shoot, I heard how gorgeous I looked at least ten times from about a spoiled girl! LIttle did I know, how I felt in my dress at bridals, would only be multiplied by 1000 the day of our wedding. Not only did I feel beautiful, it was surprisingly really comfortable. I'm still mourning the fact that I won't get to wear it again! 

For you bride-to-be's reading, my one and only advice for you is pick what YOU love. Don't pick a dress just because OTHER people love it. Get what you want and what you feel most comfortable in.  Read blogs and magazines too...especially before starting to shop for your dress. Looking at other dresses, learning styles etc., will help you get a better idea of what it is that YOU want. But I will warn you, don't get caught up in "fads" or "what everyone else is wearing", WEAR WHAT YOU LOVE!

If you want to see more from Lexi and Richard's wedding visit their blog at