Friday, September 27, 2013

We Are Finally On Instagram!

And just in time for Chicago's Bridal Market.

You can now follow us at theperfectdressutah

We know what you're thinking.

"Welcome to the 21st Century."

We know.  We know.

Moving on.

Here is why you want to follow us

You'll get beautiful photos

The latest trends in Bridal Fashion

Our beautiful Brides

and more importantly you get to go to market with us!

We want your input.

You're the ones wearing the gowns anyway.

We want you to tell us what gowns you want to see in our store, so for the next three days, while we are in Chicago, we will be asking your opinions

Sounds like a win/win to us.


We almost forgot!

Use the hashtag #theperfectdressutah for anything related to our store.  

We love to see all of your Wedding Preparations and we will regram our favorite photos of yours! 

See you on Instagram and in Chicago!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Blogger Open House

On Wednesday we invited some of our favorite Bloggers to get an all access, behind the scenes look at our new store.

The best part?

We had the incredible Kate Pease herself from Kate Pease Photography come and take these beautiful photos.

How lucky are we?

It was a night of fashion, collaborating and fun.

Our Owner, Robyn, was there to show everyone the ins and outs of the Wedding Dress Industry.

And she, of course, kept us laughing the whole time!

We debuted some of our brand new designs that night

and new trends for Spring 2014

The Bloggers took home some pretty great swag too

Thank you for everyone who came out!

It was a great night!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Our Bride Frankie

This beautiful Bride, Frankie, came into our store this last April.

It is so fun to help a Bride who wants that quintessential "beaded bodice, natural waist line, full tulle skirt" look.

Frankie is stunning.

We are so lucky that we were able to dress her on her special day.

We hope you enjoy her photos as much as we do!

Congratulations Frankie!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

To Veil or Not To Veil

This is a question that we get asked all of the time

Should I wear a Veil on my Wedding Day or just a headpiece?

Do you want to know our answer?

 In the last ten years, veils have not always been on trend. 

 We saw more Brides just wanting headpieces, flowers or a simple vintage brooch to adorn their hair.

Do we love that look? 


We think it is a beautiful contemporary look.  
It's simple and glamorous all at the same time. 


Veils are back!

 Let us list a few reasons why you might want to rethink your decision if you have already decided not to wear a veil.

 1.  Let us ask you a question, how often do you get to wear a veil?  For most people the answer is "only on my Wedding Day". 

 2.  We once read a study in a Bridal Magazine where they took 100 Grooms and asked them to draw a Bride.  Every single one of them drew a bride with a veil. 

 3.  It truly finishes your look.  When you wear a veil, you look like a Bride, not just a girl wearing a white dress.

   Do you know what is so great about fashion right now?  

Anything goes!! 


 We mean, come on    

What says anything goes like a fanny pack and denim on denim?   
We honestly never saw these coming back in style, but we love them just as much as we did in the 90's.

 But it's also true about Bridal. 

 There are so many different looks that are in style and you can find a veil that will match each one, whether it's Bohemian

   or classic drama   

 Just don't wear a fanny pack that day.  


If you do end up wearing a veil, just wear it for the Ceremony and then take it off afterwards and keep your headpiece on.  

Not only does this create a more relaxed feel, it also helps your hair when your guests want to hug you.  

We have seen more veils get ripped out of Brides' hair that way.   

 So in closing we would like to ask you to please reconsider wearing a veil.   

You will never regret having one.

Especially for your photos.