Thursday, January 30, 2014

Winter Wedding Inspiration

A couple of months ago, we took part in a beautiful photo shoot.

The Bride is wearing one of our soft, winter white gowns.

It was perfect!

So many unique and beautiful ideas from some of Utah's best Wedding Professionals.

To see more of this beautiful shoot, go to The Utah Bride Blog by clicking here.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Our Bride Anna

We know that you have all seen this gown.

It's all over Pinterest.

It's one of our favorites too.

Especially on our beautiful Bride, Anna.
She is the type of Bride that this gown was made for.

This gown in classic and modern all at the same time and who doesn't love a beautiful raw silk gown?

When we saw these incredible photos of Anna and her husband, we weren't 
surprised at all to hear that they were captured
by none other, than the very talented

Get ready for our absolute favorite photo!

Are you ready?

Anna, this photo better be framed and over your mantel.

If it isn't, we might have to sneak into your house and do it for you.

Just sayin'.

Congrats to a beautiful couple on a beautiful day!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

We Don't Know About You...

... But when we make a big purchase, we like to read about others experiences 
with the shop we are buying from.

We guess that you could also call it their "Reviews".

Well, here is your chance!

We had the pleasant surprise of stumbling across one of our Bride's personal Blogs.

Our darling Bride, Suzette (you may remember her from our post here) wrote an honest 
post about her experience at our shop.

She has a good amount of friends that are going to be getting married in the future and wanted to help them out.

She gave us permission to share it with all of our readers so that we could help them out too.

To read her post click here.

Thanks for sharing, Suzette!

You truly are one in a million!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Our Bride Grace

There couldn't be a more perfect name for this Bride.

Grace is just that.

She is a classic beauty who is also an incredible dancer.

For her wedding, Grace chose one of our very own designs, a beautiful lace gown with 
a soft ruffled train.

Her fur stole is a perfect accessory for a Winter Wedding.

And these beautiful photos?

They were taken by the very talented Valory at Valory Jean Photography.

We picked a pretty great day to feature her because today is her Birthday!

Happy Birthday Grace!

It was so fun for us to help you!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Winter Wedding Inspiration

Have you looked at The Utah Bride Blog today?

Our beautiful Bride Destry is being featured.

Check out all of the incredible photos taken by Stephanie Sunderland Photography by clicking

We love our beautiful, stylish Brides.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Importance Of The Right Fabric

We have always loved Utah Bride and Groom Magazine.

How can you not?

Utah's top Wedding Professionals are found within these pages!

If you haven't gotten your copy yet, run and pick one up right now!

And once you have it, make sure to check out our article.

Our very own Alex Davis shares what fabrics we saw on the runways for 2014.

A great read.

Stimulating, really.

No, but in all seriousness, check it out.

It always easier to be an informed shopper.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Our Bride Kwinci And A Little Budgeting Advice

These just might be some of our favorite photos ever taken of one of our Brides.

Meet Kwinci

She fell in love with a strapless, lace, tiered gown of ours and asked us to design and add sleeves to it.

And her gown turned out incredible!

Now, we've said it before and we will say it again.

When planning your budget for your wedding, the number one thing that you want to splurge on is your photography.


You thought we were going to say your dress, right.


We think that this relationship that we have with you should at least be an honest one.

That's just how we roll.

But the dress is a close second on the splurge factor for your wedding.

You want to have incredible photos of your special day that you will be proud to hang on your wall.

On the other hand, if you are not wearing a gown you love, that makes you feel beautiful, no matter how gorgeous those photos are, it will show.

You will never hear a person complain that the food at their wedding wasn't perfect (no one will remember what you served) or how the napkins weren't a very good quality.

You will hear them complain if they didn't love their photographer or their dress.

So make sure that those are the first things you budget for.

Now, we're sure you're wondering who took Kwinci's incredible photos!

That would be the very talented Avi Stoddard and we are being honest when we tell you that all of her photo shoots look as incredible as this one.

She is so talented.

Congrats Kwinci!

We loved helping you create your perfect dress.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New Year. New Website.

Just like the title of this post says.

 It's a new year.

We have a new store.

So, we needed a new website!

You can now go to for all of your Wedding Fashion needs!

You can go directly to our website, our blog, or any of our social media just by going to this one site.

We thought we would make your life easier.

You've got enough on your plate with this whole wedding planning thing.