Monday, April 9, 2012

Tips and Tricks! Make up for photographs.

Hello Ladies!  We've expanded our regular repertoire to include some key tips and tricks for your wedding day!  On the docket for discussion today: Make up.  More specifically make up tips for photos.  If you've ever wondered if you should do anything different with your make up for your wedding, bridals or groomals, here's your answer!

This is Kristen.  Isn't she lovely?!  
Doing your make up for photographs is just a little different from every day make up.  Some things can look great in person, but not translate well when you are photographed.  Here are some key tips to follow for flawless photos!

1:  Use matte colors.  Shimmer can be done well when applied properly, but if you are a little unsure of what to do, you should stick with matte.  It wont reflect light so mistakes aren't as easily seen.   Matte is easy to apply and easy to photograph.

2:  Eyebrows!    Eyebrows are essential ladies.  Eyebrows frame your eyes and complete your face.  If you don't fill your eyebrows on a daily basis, do for your photographs.  This is especially true for blondes.  Blonde eyebrows will disappear if they are not filled in .  Photos will always look better with a well maintained, well defined eyebrow.

3:  Make up photographs two shades lighter.  Make up in person doesn't come across as bright in photos.  I recommend doing your blush and lip color a little brighter than you normally would.

4:  Use powder.  Shine is the enemy ladies!  Even if your make up is done flawlessly, shine can ruin your whole look.  Be sure to use a finishing powder or setting powder to complete your look.  Remember to take your powder with you for touch ups, especially if it is a warm day.

5:  Wear false lashes.  You will love the way you look.  In person, they may be too much, but in photographs they are perfectly proportionate.  If you are too hesitant to wear a full set, you can purchase individual lashes and add them to sets that only exaggerate the outer corners of your eyes.

6:  Apply make up in a natural light.  Use a room with lots of windows.  Natural light will give you a better idea of how your make up will look in your pictures.

7:  Wax.  Make up does not adhere well to peach fuzz.  Whatever you wax, do it before your pictures for the best results.  *Note*  Remember to do it at least 24 hrs before your pictures, give yourself enough time for any swelling and redness to dissipate.

8:  Wear Lip Gloss.  I swear by the stuff.  You may not be partial to it for everyday use, but your lips will look more full and plump in photos.

9:  Last but certainly not least; Wear black mascara.  Some people think black mascara is too overbearing for their skin tone, but I promise you, in pictures black mascara looks good on everyone.  Black Mascara will make your eyes pop, and that's exactly what you want for your big day!

Thanks for tuning in for our tips and tricks session here at The Perfect Dress.  We're devoted to doing anything we can to make your special day perfect.  Please submit any questions you might have for our beauty editor to answer in future posts! 

Photos by Jaque Lynn Photography 

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