Monday, November 19, 2012

Songs of Love

Skyler and Jasmine met at BYU.  Skyler was fresh off his mission, just 10 days and on the football team which impressed Jasmine. After their first date where they made forts and played games they weren't sure if there were any sparks...looks like they were wrong!

After a night of hanging out with friends, Skyler took Jasmine to a field and turned on music in his car and asked her to dance. A slow song was playing and they kissed, as soon as they did sparks flew... and they've been together ever since!

Jasmine and Skyler knew they were in love after driving to California together to visit Skyler's family. The sweet moments of talking in the car made them grow closer together and fall deeply in love.

Jasmine + Skyler Love Story from Twigs and a Pearl on Vimeo.

Jasmine and Skyler were married in the Salt Lake Temple 
June 16, 2012.

Jasmine + Skyler Wedding Highlights from Twigs and a Pearl on Vimeo.

Skyler took Jasmine to a park in Provo Canyon that overlooks the valley. At the park, they went for a walk, and stopped under a tree.  Then the tree lit up and Skyler's friends came out singing 'It Girl.' They heard cheers from the bottom of the hill and then saw their friends and family rushing towards them. Skyler dropped to his knee and proposed, and Jasmine said YES!

When Jasmine started shopping for her wedding gown, she thought she wanted something very simple and classic like a high-waisted ball gown with a boat neck. "Sky and I had talked about it...and that is what he said he liked too."  When she came to The Perfect Dress she fell in love with two very different gowns. "One dress was the one I had planned on from the beginning, and the other one was the lace one I ended up picking.  I was leaning towards the simple ball gown, just because I knew that is what my fiance liked.  But I myself liked the lace one!  Bless my bridal consultant...she was so patient and I just COULD NOT decide.  I was literally in there for hours...All of the girls working there were so willing to give their personal opinion without being overbearing...allowing me to really have the final say. FINALLY I decided to be true to my heart and and pick the one that I loved, not what I thought others would like."


Jasmine felt like the lace dress was more fitting for a back yard reception, so that's where they had it, right in her parent's back yard.

Skyler loved Jasmine's dress! He thought it was the prettiest dress in the world and couldn't take his eyes off of her. Jasmine was so pleased with her alterations, and loved every part of her dress!

Jasmine loved the dance party they had at the reception... 

...and will never forget when Skyler and his groomsmen sang 'Grow Old With You', to her! 

On her wedding day Jasmine felt "So great. I really felt like I had made the right choice and that it was the perfect dress for me personally. I got many compliments at the temple from people I didn't know, despite the fact that there were 10 other brides there at the same time. I felt like I was able to stick out amongst the crowd in my dress!"

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Annual Black Friday Sale!

Listen up Ladies!

The Moment You've All Been Waiting For Has Arrived!
It's Time For The Perfect Dress To Have Our Annual


Doors open November 23rd at 3:00 pm until 7:00 pm.

No appointment necessary!

Sale will continue Saturday November 24th from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

No Children Please

*Only the first 15 customers, on Friday, will receive a certificate for an
additional $100 off
any sample gown $299 or more!

Here are some of the gowns we will have on sale:

Amazing bridal gowns from your favorite designers starting at $99.

As always we will offer expert alterations including making gowns temple ready.

A special bridal package will be offered to brides who purchase their gown during the sale.
**Package will include discounts on belts, embellishments, and accessories**

Also on sale: bolero jackets, bridesmaid gowns, flower girl dresses, and Mother of the Bride dresses and jackets!

Call us with any questions!

6973 South 1300 East
Cottonwood Heights, UT 84047

Monday, November 12, 2012

Perfect Strangers

Angela and Glenn met in a Young Single Adult ward that they had both recently started attending. Angela had just moved and Glenn had returned from his LDS mission, so they were seated together as the new arrivals. 

Their first date is up for debate, Angela thought it was a "hang out" while Glenn says it was a date. They went shopping for shoes and watched Hercules. Their first kiss was during a movie as well, no one knows who initiated the kiss, but everyone is happy it happened.

Glenn proposed on a rainy day in August. They were visiting Angela's family for her birthday weekend. Glenn planned a day full of Angela's favorites. He took her on a picnic on her favorite mountain top then went cliff jumping by a waterfall.  It took them both a while to "brave up" to jump but finally they both took the plunge! They drove home wet & freezing.  Once they were home, and dried off, Glenn asked Angela to go with him on a walk.  We'll let Angela tell the rest of the story:  
"I went with him, in the rain, all wet again, and he took me to the cabin that my family had built. I could  see smoke coming from the chimney when we got closer, and through the window in the door, I saw all the candles lit, and a ring box sitting on the table with a vase, that had a wildflower bouquet in it, including my favorite wild flower, indian paintbrush. I froze at the door, and turned around, and looked at Glenn. He told me to go inside, and so I did. The whole cabin was all swept out, candles lit, neat and tidy. 
He got on his knee with the ring, and proposed." 

Angela and Glenn were married in the Edmondton, Alberta LDS Temple the following March. With a reception in Canada and one in her parents home, they celebrated their marriage with family and friends!

 When Angela and her family came to The Perfect Dress, Angela's sister picked out the dress and Angela immediately said No to the dress but her great sister convinced her to try it on anyway. Angela ended up LOVING her gown and ordered that day!

Angela loves her dress and Glenn loves her in it. 
Angela kept her dress a surprise from Glenn but he tried to guess what it looked like.  When someone let it slip that her gown had a collar, Glenn, for some reason, imagined a vampire collar?!  When Glenn saw Angela for the first time in her wedding gown, with a victorian collar, he thought she was beautiful!  It was an emotional first sight and they both knew that they had promised forever to each other.
 Angela's advice to other brides is to try more than just one style and to be open to what other's say. Don't take too many people because it can be stressful and most importantly, pick what you feel good in and what makes you feel like a princess.

Angela loved her wedding day! Glenn gave a love-filled speech at their reception that she adored. After the reception, Angela and Glenn went into town to find a photo booth to take pictures in, and they love the way it turned out! They hang on their fridge to remind them of the love they share, and the adventures to come.