Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Our Bride Mersadie And A Word Of Advice

We always say that when you're planning out your budget for your Wedding,
the number one thing that you should spend your money on is

After that, you need to budget for your Gown.

If you're wondering why, we can explain.

The saddest complaint that we ever hear from our former Brides is when they say that they hate
their Wedding Photos.

It normally goes like this:

"Well, we really wanted to get some ice sculptures (this is an example. Obviously.) for the Wedding Dinner so we thought that we would save some money by having 
(our friend, my uncle, someone who has never taken wedding photos before, etc.)
take our pictures.
I HATE them, so I don't want to frame them, hang them in my house or make a Wedding Album."

Those photos are the only thing that you're going to have to remind you of your 
Special Day, so you want to make sure that you are in LOVE with your Photographer!

Now, why do you want to budget for your Bridal Gown second?

Well, if you don't feel beautiful in your Bridal Gown, it shows in your photos.

You don't want to be that Bride who looks back on her photos and wishes that she would have chosen that other gown that she really loved, instead of the gown she had to get because she blew her budget on those darn ice sculptures.

And hear us out, we are not saying that you need to spend $10,000 on your Gown to have your 
dream Wedding Dress because that just isn't the case.

All we are saying is to know your priorities and have some wiggle room in your Budget for your Photography and your Wedding Gown.

No one will remember those ice sculptures. Trust us.

Now, you're probably wondering who this gorgeous Bride is that has an incredible Photographer and feels beautiful in her dream Wedding Gown.

This is Mersadie and she is wearing one of our Exclusive Designs.

This gown that we designed has all of the details that we love and her amazing Photographer, 
took such gorgeous photos of Mersadie in it, that we just had to share!

Congrats Mersadie on your Special Day and thank you for letting
us be a part of it!