Wednesday, April 4, 2012

California Dreamin'

Our featured wedding today is set on the sunny beaches of California.

Karly Cheri Kimball and David Parker Andrew were set up on a blind date with friends in the summer of 2010.  So have faith in those set-ups!  Karly and Dave are living proof that it works!

While on their first date at The Summer House in Corona Del Mar the date went so well that when Karly excused herself to the powder room she stopped to listen to her heart pounding.  She knew there was something special about Dave.


On April 20, both Dave and Karly flew into long beach on a break from school.  On their way home from the airport, they made a stop at the Huntington Beach pier for what was to be one of the most memorable evenings of Karly's life.   

As they took a walk down the beach Dave began to shake, and act suspicious.  It was at this point Karly knew he must be up to something.  They continued towards a lifeguard tower, it was the very same tower they had actually sat in and talked for hours one night.   The beach was covered in rose petals, and a blanket with candles came into view.  They sat down on the blanket, and Dave pulled a letter from a small mailbox on their blanket.  He read her a letter he had written just for her, got down on one knee, and asked Karly to marry him.  Karly cried, and said

Karly and Dave were married on June 18, 2011 In the Newport Beach L.D.S. Temple.

Karly chose a beautiful Pronovias gown.  She transformed the gown into a modest version with a cap sleeve, while still retaining the gown's integrity and elegance.  

"Dave absolutely loved my dress when he first saw it.  He was a little nervous knowing that it was going to be a surprise, but it turned out that he loved it!  What a relief!"

"My favorite part of my wedding day was walking over the bridge to the ring ceremony where our close friends and family were waiting for us.  I felt so much love and support from them.  It was amazing.  The temple sealing was also incredible - That feeling I will never forget!

Karly's big day was accented in beautiful shades of gold.  We are loving the lace sleeves on the blouses she picked for her bridesmaids!  Beautiful!

Karly's advice:
Don't give up on the search if you can't find a wedding dress.  Either find the dress made perfectly the way you want it, or find one that is just about right and tweak it a little. With the help of The Perfect Dress seamstress, I was able to make some small changes to my dress, and it was perfect when she altered it exactly how I dreamed.

Congratulations Karly and Dave!  
What a beautiful bride! 


  1. I absolutely love her bridesmaids dresses! Do you know where she got them or had them made?

  2. I'm not sure, I'll email her and get back to you!

  3. The bridesmaids' tops are from H&M and the skirts are from Anthropologie.