Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Especially if you are dating that special someone.

Awwwww.  Look at this cute hipster couple riding around, being all cool.
This could be the month that it happens.

Awwww.  Look at this cute preppy couple, being all cute and engaged.

There are more proposals in the month of December than any other month.

So here is an early Congratulations to all of you future Brides and a little word of advice.

Remember that for some designers, it can take up to six months to ship their gowns.

Six months!

Yes Mr. Worhal, you're very right.

The problem with waiting is that if you wait too long to purchase your wedding gown, you won't be able to get the dress of your dreams.

So here is what most savvy Brides that have short engagements do.

They go wedding dress shopping before they get engaged, find their gown and either purchase it or figure out the latest they can order it.

Looks like a lively bunch!
You don't have to tell your future Fiancé.

Actually, we would advise not telling him.

Guys don't get it.

Plus, you get to avoid the after Christmas rush.

The week after Christmas is crazy and it doesn't die down until July!

And since we are talking about engagements,

this might be the cutest way to capture the moment.

Just sayin'. 

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