Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Our Bride Suzette

Today we are showing you Suzette.

Check out that smile!
Suzette's story about finding her perfect dress might sound familiar.

"My mother-in-law, among many others, suggested I make an appointment at The Perfect Dress. I did that but also went to a few other places where I saw nothing that I liked."

"When I got to The Perfect Dress, Robyn was shining and smiling and made a long and difficult process exciting and doable. That was so important for me because I was feeling pretty dreary about the whole thing."

"Ideas, hopes and dreams started flowing together as Robyn helped me make huge decisions and narrow my choices down to two dresses. Both were sleeveless and I needed a modest sleeve. And one other thing that my heart desired: lace."

"I kept the original sweetheart neckline but raised the lace to the boatneck."

"To add the last perfecting touch, the veil was the ideal length to show off the buttons that went from the base of my neck to the end of my train. To add to it's beauty, the veil happened to be lined with tiny beads that matched my sash perfectly!
The earrings and bracelet I wore also came from The Perfect Dress."

  "The seamstress that made all my alterations did a fabulous job and I felt like my dress fit me like a glove. Most importantly, I actually got to feel like a princess. Never thought that would happen, let alone that I would WANT to feel that way."

"All in all, dress shopping started out daunting but ended up being the easiest thing in my wedding plans. Well, that and saying 'yes' to the man of my dreams."

Suzette, you are the cutest.

Thanks for trusting us with one of your most important decisions.

Best wishes!

Photographs by the very talented Mikki Platt.

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