Thursday, December 12, 2013

Found Your Dream Dress, But It Doesn't Fit Your Budget?

Our Brides here at The Perfect Dress are smart and savvy.

Not to mention gorgeous.

Since we've been open, we have seen a growing trend of Brides asking for gift certificates to our store for Christmas.

Kind of strange or really smart?

We say smart!

Have you fallen in love with a gown that is just out of your budget?

Lucky you!

Christmas is coming up and instead of asking for more clothes, new perfume or that pair of boots, Brides are asking for help to get their dream wedding dress!

Something that will last forever and always be remembered.

We just wanted to let you Brides know that we offer Gift Certificates here at The Perfect Dress.

Call us at (801)568-3737 and we will have one made and ready for you to pick up!

Merry Christmas!

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