Thursday, November 14, 2013

Our Bride Tanya

Get a look at this beauty

Don't you feel like you have just been blasted back in time?

This is our Bride Tanya and her husband Kyle.

When Tanya was planning her wedding, she decided on a Vintage theme.
To go with that theme, she purchased one of our very own gowns that we designed.

Now, vintage themes can be pretty hard to pull off, but as you can see

They nailed it!
She wore our dress beautifully.

We love our Brides here at The Perfect Dress.

They are so stylish, confident and such trend setters.

They make us look good.

Congrats Tanya and Kyle!

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  1. As the mother in law of the Bride, I must say that she was stunning! Both the Bride and the Groom, my son, loved their vintage wedding! And The Perfect Dress, was just that and more!

    1. Well they are a beautiful couple! Thank you for the kind words.