Thursday, November 7, 2013

Our Bride Brittany

We love Brittany.

She came to us when she had purchased a gown online and it came in nothing like the photo.
We were more than excited to help her find a gown that matched her happy glow.

She ended up choosing a raw silk trumpet gown and had our seamstresses design a bolero to compliment the gown.

We loved this gown because it's easy for designers to throw some beading on a gown and call it good, but it takes real talent to do something interesting and beautiful with the design and fabric.

And it matched Brittany's fun personality perfectly!

You think they will have blonde children?

We don't.

We love our beautiful Brides, especially you Britt!

Her photographs were taken by the talented James Clissold.


  1. This is my beautiful daughter, Brittany. I have 4 daughters. Each one of them has found the perfect dress at the "Perfect Dress." Everyone at the Perfect Dress went above and beyond to make each of my girls feel special. We even had to hijack a wedding dress off a boat for one of them. Thank you for all the extra effort that you have made throughout the years!

    1. We love all of your daughters! Thank you for the kind words.