Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Our New Design

Remember our raw silk Blank Canvas Gown that we designed?
(Please disregard the disco carpet.)

This is one of our most popular gowns in the store right now.

We know how creative you Brides are and we know that you have a vision for what you want your gown to look like.

This gown (which does not include the metal bow belt in the photo)
can be turned into the gown of your dreams.

With our Seamstresses, you can shorten the sleeves, add a belt, add lace, add beading, change the neckline...
the list goes on and on!

Brides have loved this gown so much, that we decided to create another
Blank Canvas silhouette. 

We created a raw silk, ball gown (belt not included) that you can design into your dream gown!

And do you know what makes this gown even better?


This gown is even beautiful all on its own.

So if you're the creative type and want to design a gown that no one else will wear,
come see us at The Perfect Dress and we can help
you bring your design to life.

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