Thursday, May 29, 2014

Our Bride Liz

It's Thursday, so for all you Social Network savvy people, you know that
it's a perfect day to do a "Throwback." 

We love showing you Brides that have gotten married a little while back because
we want to show you that when you choose a classic style for your Wedding, like our
beautiful Bride Liz here, your look will never date itself.

Liz has been married for six years now, but she looks like she could have
gotten married yesterday.

She chose a classic silhouette that is always going to be popular in the Bridal World and 
paired that with soft hair and makeup.

Some other facts about Liz's gown?

It was on Sale and it was strapless when she purchased it!

So, not only is she beautiful (and seriously, one of the funniest people you will ever meet)
but she is a savvy shopper and designed those sleeves on her gown with the help
of our Seamstresses.

Also, finding a great photographer that will take classic shots is key.
Matt Christensen Photography took Liz's photos and did a great job.

But don't all of our parents have one of these shots on their Wedding Albums?

This photo just gets better the more you look at it.

We're not quite sure how the floating head thing started sounding like a good idea,
but there are some poses going around right now that are going
to be the equivalent of this one in 20 years.

If your photographer wants to try something new and funky, go ahead and try it, but just leave it out of your album so that your Children don't find it one day and plaster it all
over social media.


We kind of got off topic.

Anyway, the theme of this post is:
"Classic Is Key" if you don't want to look dated.

You looked gorgeous Liz!

Thanks for dustin' off the old Wedding Photos!

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