Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Our Bride Anna

We know that you have all seen this gown.

It's all over Pinterest.

It's one of our favorites too.

Especially on our beautiful Bride, Anna.
She is the type of Bride that this gown was made for.

This gown in classic and modern all at the same time and who doesn't love a beautiful raw silk gown?

When we saw these incredible photos of Anna and her husband, we weren't 
surprised at all to hear that they were captured
by none other, than the very talented

Get ready for our absolute favorite photo!

Are you ready?

Anna, this photo better be framed and over your mantel.

If it isn't, we might have to sneak into your house and do it for you.

Just sayin'.

Congrats to a beautiful couple on a beautiful day!

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