Thursday, October 24, 2013

What The Neck?

So a few months ago we got an email from a Bride that needed help with Jewelry and asked if we could style her for her big day.  
Her gown was sleeveless and had a V neckline.

 This is not her gown. 
It's just an example of the neckline that we're talking about.

For a lot of Brides, this neckline can be a little tricky. 
 A lot of Brides want to wear jewelry on every part of their body that is deemed acceptable on their wedding day.

Try to resist that urge. 

 The best kind of necklace to wear with a V neckline wedding gown is NO necklace. 
 You may be wondering why that's the case.  It's because it can be too much.  

When a gown has a V neckline, it can cover a large part of your d├ęcolletage.  Why do you want to clutter up the little bit that is showing with a necklace?  A V neckline without a necklace actually draws the eye up to your face and isn't that what you want?

 Remember "When in doubt, leave it out". 

 The fun part about not wearing a necklace is you can go all out on your earrings!  

Want to know a little jewelry secret? 

Turquoise jewelry on a Bride is to DIE for! 

Don't believe us?  
Ask Eva. 

No. This is not her wedding, but this look for a wedding is amazing!

  Eva can wear that necklace because that gown is strapless.  
If it were a V, it would be a no go! 

 So, does this all make sense? Let us know if you have any other questions about your jewelry and what kind you should wear with your dress. 

 We've styled them all!   

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