Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Are You As Excited As We Are?

Tell your friends, neighbors, Grandma and that weird guy that lives down the street from you
(well, maybe not him).

Our new Maggie Sottero, Spring 2013 Wedding Gowns are here!!!

I know that we have talked about it before, but there is nothing like a Maggie Sottero gown.  We have yet to find another designer that can fit a woman's body as well as they can and they have been one of the leading Bridal Designers in the Industry.

Here is a little preview of what new Maggie Sottero gowns you will see at our store.


Now, pick your jaw up from off the ground, get to your phone and start dialing because it's time to make your appointment to come try these beauties on!

The Perfect Dress


  1. I would not even be able to chose i love them all :)

    1. Try working here! We are surrounded by gorgeous dresses all day everyday. We have to constantly resist the urge to jump in the back room and try them on ourselves!