Friday, September 21, 2012

It Started With, "I like your shoes."

As Amie sat, eating lunch, wanting to expand her circle of friends, Scott walked down the hall. "I like your shoes," was the pick up line sophomore Amie used to catch the attention of the junior boy who caught her eye.

After a few months of friendship, Scott finally asked her out! He took her to Quiznos for dinner and to Hale Center Theater for A Christmas Carol. As it was Amie's first time to Quiznos, it now holds a special place in their hearts.

The first kiss came towards the end of the school year. After a party in Amie's back yard, the couple found themselves alone on her tramp. Amie jumped at the opportunity, and gave him a smooch. Scott claims she had to initiate the kiss because of the positioning on the tramp, never the less, the kiss happened and love was in the air.

Shortly after Scott's mission, and the night after their engagement photo shoot, he popped the question. With a romantic fondu pot of chocolate, strawberries and torch light by the waterfall, their evening was complete and their engagement was finally official.

Amie came into The Perfect Dress with an idea of what she wanted. She tried dresses on, went to lunch to make a decision, and left with something she never thought she'd wear. The full skirt and A-line cut was not the fitted dress she thought she wanted, but she knew it was the dress for her!

Amie let her dress define the theme of her wedding. Her advice to other brides is to pick something you are wanting. Don't go for what is in style, pick what you feel beautiful in! Amie loved her seamstress! She transformed her dress into a beautiful modest gown, and gave some amazing advice on how to care for her dress!

Scott waited to see Amie in her dress on June 15, their wedding day. They were sealed in the Salt Lake LDS Temple. Amie loved that she was able to be married in her dress. When Scott saw her, he immediately was brought to tears. He couldn't believe how gorgeous she looked and how perfect her dress was.

Amie loved feeling like a princess on her wedding day. Scott and Amie are finally married, and couldn't be happier.

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