Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Inside Edition filmed at The Perfect Dress!

We have posted before about the dangers of purchasing your gown online and we are going

 to post again.  Brides are losing money and having their dreams crushed and we don't want 

that to happen to you.  It is becoming such a problem that Inside Edition, from New York, 

contacted The Perfect Dress to tape a TV segment on counterfeit wedding gowns bought off 

the Internet.

The Perfect Dress has helped several brides who have made the mistake of purchasing 
online and either received a horrible gown or received nothing at all.  The bride being interviewed had this nightmare happen to her and with the suggestion of friends, turned to The Perfect Dress.  Candace came to The Perfect Dress and we helped her find the gown of her dreams!  You will recognize The Perfect Dress as the background when Candace is being interviewed.   
Click on Candace to read her story

Beautiful Brides to be:  Help us help you.  Here at the Perfect dress we have beautiful gowns ranging in price as low as $399 on up.  We can and will bend over backwards to help you find the dress of your dreams.  Nothing gives us more satisfaction here than to see a bride fall in love with her wedding gown.  
The Perfect Dress, at a Perfect Price!


  1. Thanks to The Perfect Dress, my wedding was lovely and they saved the day. Thank you ladies!!!

    1. We loved working with you, it was our pleasure.