Monday, August 6, 2012

Alterations 101

Alterations are the most important factor in making your gown perfect for your wedding day. We, at The Perfect Dress, specialize in alterations and customizing wedding gowns. Because of our vast experience we'd like to offer a little advice to make your alterations process run a little more smoothly.

(Can I do a sleeve like this?)

(I want my belt to look like this)


While we do have AMAZING seamstresses, they are not mind readers. You have to be willing to explain what it is you have envisioned for your gown or there is no way you will get it. Our seamstresses will do what you want, you just have to ask.  Print out examples of what you want, describe it as precisely as possible, or let your artistic side shine and sketch it!  Ask your seamstress to write down what you are saying so they can remember what you said.

(This is how I want the Queen Anne to look)

(I really love this neckline and sleeve combo)


Make your first appointment with your seamstress the same day you purchase your dress. We will give you their information, all you have to do is make the appointment.  When making that appointment, be sure to tell them the date of when you plan to wear your dress for the first time, ie. Bridal Pictures. Specify if you are going out of the state for Bridals/Wedding. 
Plan on at least 3 fittings for your dress.  Be at every fitting, especially the final fitting to try on the dress. Bring your actual shoes, bra, and slip to your fittings, they are an essential part of achieving that perfect fit. 




When we talk about alterations pricing in the store, these are quotes. If the seamstress finds the alterations to be more difficult, take more time, or needing extra attention, your pricing may go up. On the other hand if your alterations are less time consuming your pricing may go down.  Our seamstresses strive to give you the best price possible!  If you have a budget you need to stick to, let them know before alterations are started. They want your gown to be perfect and within your budget!!  Most importantly, if you change your mind, mid-alterations, you will be charged for all work done and extra fabric needed. You have the ability to be as precise as you want, just know there is a fee. 

(Added sleeves and brought up neck line)

(Lace beading temple fill)


When buying a dress off the rack it is sold "AS-IS". If you are lucky enough to find a great dress off the rack with minor flaws (the flaws are taken into account for the sale price of the gown), our seamstress will charge to fix them. They are not going to be expensive fixes, and some may be taken care of when doing other alterations like taking in the sides, hemming, changing neck line, etc. 

(I want sheer lace sleeves like this)

The most important thing to remember for alterations is to trust your seamstress. They are all amazing, with many years of experience, and will do a fabulous job! Trust that they know what to do, how to do it, and what will work best for you. We want you to have a pleasant experience with alterations. Please take these tips to heart when your gown is being altered. 

***We only do alterations on gowns purchased from The Perfect Dress***



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