Friday, August 17, 2012

A Not-So-Typical Vegas Wedding

Deidre Spelts and Ben Roush were introduced to each other by a good friend. "He came over to my house and we talked all night and started dating shortly after." Deidre was smitten by this boy who would soon become her husband.

The week after they met, Deidre and Ben had finals and didn't plan to see each other. After a few days of straight texting, Deidre invited Ben over to study. When the studying died down, the flirting began and was shortly followed by a kiss. "I was worried he was going to be one of those guys that kisses a girl and never calls. He definitely was not!" 

The next weekend was their spontaneous first date. Deidre didn't think she would be able to go out because of family. When she found out she was open, she bravely called Ben. Ben dropped everything and picked her up for a spontaneous date of dinner, window shopping, and lots of talking!

After a summer of long distance dating, a few trips for Ben back to Utah, a trip for both to California, and The Lion King; Love was in the air!

 Ben proposed the day after Thanksgiving. Even though Deidre wanted to go to a movie with her family, Ben forced her to take a drive to the Las Vegas temple where he proposed. "I burst into tears! I didn't think I'd be the girl to cry when she was proposed to, but I did. I was so happy!"

Deidre didn't know exactly what she wanted in her wedding dress. She knew she wanted long sleeves and knew her dress was the one when she caught the vision of the long sleeved gown. With all her sisters and mom ready for a long day of shopping, The Perfect Dress was the only shop they made it to. 

Ben didn't see the dress until the day of their bridals. Deidre blind folded him and let the photographer capture his face when he first saw her. These photos say it all!

Deidre and Ben were married on May 5, 2012 in the Las Vegas LDS Temple.
Deidre's dress fit in perfectly with the all the plans she had for her wedding! It truly made her feel like a princess on "the best day of my life so far!" Her favorite part of the day was the ceremony. She loved having all her family in the temple with her. She also loved walking into the reception and seeing the months of planning come to life so perfectly! 

Deidre loved her seamstress and was so impressed with how well the dress turned out! Her advice to other brides would be to love your dress. Don't shop for what your friends or family like. If you feel confident in your dress, you will look beautiful! 

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