Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy New Year!

And Congrats to all of you new Brides out there!

We know that the Holiday Season is the time where it feels like everyone is getting engaged
and we couldn't be more excited for you.

Here is a little hint from us Professionals:

Start looking for your dress now!

We've heard every reason in the book as to why Brides wait to start trying on dresses.

"I want to lose weight before I try them on."

"I think I need to look at a few more magazines so that I know what styles are out there."

"I don't even know where to begin!"

The worst offender?

"I'm not getting married for six months, I have time."


No you don't.

We don't say this to sound rude, we are saying this because we want you to have your
dream dress!

It can sometimes take up to four months to get a gown in.

Crazy, we know, but that's reality.

So get on the horn Ladies and start making your Bridal Appointments.

Yes, you have to make appointments to try on gowns, so let us help you out and
give you our phone number while you're reading this:

(801) 568-3737

Got it?


We can't wait to help you find your Perfect Dress!

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