Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Our Bride Heather And How She Found Her Perfect Dress All The Way In Florida

Pass the Sweet Tea and Honey because we're bringing you
a beautiful southern wedding today!

Check out these incredible photos by KT Crabb Photography.

And if you're thinking that this wedding looks familiar,
it's because it was featured on

This is our Bride, Heather.

She's actually from Florida, but do you know how she found her beautiful lace gown that
she bought from us?

She found us on Pinterest!

She never came into our shop.

We never met her in person.

She just contacted us, gave us her measurements and we shipped the gown to her.

Don't be too surprised because this happens to us a lot.

It can be hard to find a modest wedding gown that is doesn't look
like you're wearing a men's T-shirt.

And that is when Brides all over the world take to the internet, especially Pinterest, to
look for their dream gown.  

And that is where they find us, The Perfect Dress, and beautiful photos of our Brides 
run rampant over there.

So even if you don't live anywhere close to our Shop,
we can get you your Perfect Dress.

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