Tuesday, July 9, 2013

How Do You Know That You Found The One?

Let us start this post by posing a question: How will you know when you meet the one? 


 We're not talking about the person you will marry.  

Let's hope you have already established that by the time you are trying on wedding dresses. 

 We're talking about the right dress. 

You have tried on what feels to be a million gowns and then, finally you walk out of your dressing room and up to the mirrors and your heart rate quickens.  

You are short of breath.  

You feel a little light headed and tingly and then the tears come. 

At this point, call 911 because you might have a serious problem on your hands. 

 This is not what ALWAYS happens when you find the perfect dress.  

This sometimes happens.  

You also see it a lot in TV and in the movies. 

 We remember one specific Bride that we worked with who found her wedding dress.  

She LOVED it.  Couldn't get enough of it.  

She probably spent a good twenty minutes twirling in the mirror and talking about how perfect it was.  

But suddenly, as she looked in the mirror, her smile slowly faded.  We then asked her if there was a problem with the dress and she quickly said no.  

She turned around and said "this isn't the dress". 

Come again? 

 "This isn't the dress", she sadly said.  

We then asked her why and she told us that she wasn't crying and that Brides know what dress they will wear because they will start to cry when they see it.  

A little taken back, we told her that a reaction like that is more rare than normal.  We began to tell her that this is the reaction we see most: 

Take away the bed and it's pretty accurate



High fives.  

Hugs all around.  

That is what we see when a Bride finds her dress. 

 That Bride ended up leaving confused and holding on to her false expectation.  She came back two weeks later to order that same dress, after going to every Bridal Shop in the city, only to find out that she had run out of time and wouldn't be able to get that dress in time for her wedding.  

She learned the very valuable lesson of going with your gut in a very sad way that day. 

 She isn't the only one that has brought the whole crying thing up though.  

We always have Brides asking us "shouldn't I be crying", and our response is always "why would you"? 


 You will know your dress because you will feel happy, beautiful and most importantly, you will feel like yourself (just a dressier version). 

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