Monday, October 29, 2012

He Caught a Cougar!

Lauren and Layton had two encounters before they started dating. First was when Layton and his friends went down to BYU from the UofU for "catch a cougar" night. Their friends recognized each other and they spent the evening together. The second, and most impressionable, was at a bonfire at Lauren's home in Salt Lake. Layton showed up because of mutual friends. They spent the even talking and getting to know each other, it was love at second sight.

Lauren says their first date was the funniest date of her life. They went to a friends house with 3 other couples, for Cafe Rio take out, swimming, and an outside movie. The first kiss came that evening as they were saying goodbye in a hammock.

Lauren and Layton have a love for the State Capitol building and often go for walks around it. One evening, unknown to Lauren, Layton had planned for a dinner in one of the banquet rooms. He had music, her favorite flowers, and her ring. After dancing to their favorite song, Layton was down on his knee proposing. Lauren had no idea he even had the ring and was so surprised. It was perfect for her!

Lauren and Layton were married in the Salt Lake LDS temple on June 19, 2012. They had a luncheon at Memorial Grove after the ceremony and a reception at Red Butte Gardens that evening.

When Lauren put on her wedding dress, she felt absolutely beautiful! Her "best self" for sure. Her first words to her mom were, "have you ever seen such a beautiful dress?" Lauren fully trusted her seamstress and felt so well taken care of. Her suggestion to brides looking for their gown is to not worry about trends and pick what matches your personality, body type, and wedding.

Layton was stunned by Lauren's dress. He told Lauren it was the first time he'd felt nervous since their first date.

Lauren's dress inspired her wedding to be a fun yet classy wedding. Her husband in a tux and her girls in dresses, helped accomplish this along with her gorgeous decor and flowers.

Lauren loved dancing in her dress! Her dancing time was her favorite part of her wedding. She loved having a husband that could dance as well!

Congratulations Lauren!  Thank you for letting The Perfect Dress be a part of your special day!

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