Monday, June 4, 2012

How to Spot a Fraud

A few months back we posted warnings about buying dresses online since we have heard so many stories about customers who order online and receive horrible knock-offs. Since then, we have received tips from some of our designers on how to spot counterfeit websites. We want to pass the knowledge on to help ease the stress that can come from getting the wrong dress! 

Here is how to spot a website that is selling knock-offs:

~ If designers are named on a website, find that designers website. Check the store locator for a list of approved vendors. If the original website is not on the list, it's a fraud.

~ The Contact Us page should have the phone number and or address of somewhere in the United States. Just an email address is sketchy, and a Chinese number or address should be a red flag that they are not approved vendors.

~If the website claims you can return the dress for a full refund you can assume they are not legitimate. No vendor can give a full refund unless it is a factory defect.  

~Designers require 3-4 body measurements to give the size of gowns. If a website is asking for more than these 3-4 measurements, it is a sign they are trying to make up the pattern for this dress.

~ If the models heads are cropped off on the website, it's because they are trying to get away with using copyrighted photos. Thus, they are a knock-off website.

Before you give one of these sites your credit card number:

~ If you decide to go through with it, don't plan on getting money back if you aren't happy with your dress, if you even get the dress at all.

Some knock-off websites can and have produced dresses that look somewhat similar to those in the photos. Just be warned; they are not the same quality, style or fabrics as those used by the designers.

We suggest you buy from an Authorized Retailer. This is an example of a horrible online knock-off gown.  On the left is the authentic designer gown promised to a bride and on the right is what she received.  We don't want any bride to go through the stress and turmoil of their wedding dress being ruined. Always remember, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!


  1. Hi! I saw from an older blog post that you carry Alma Novia Sabina! Could you possibly tell me the price of the gown, including the off the shoulder lace jacket. That would mean do very much to me as no other bridal store is cooperating with me!

    1. Email us at and we can get you all of the information!