Thursday, May 17, 2012

It All Began with MySpace...

On September 2, 2011 Natalie Gunn and Alex Coffman were wed at Millcreek Inn. It was a beautiful and elegant ceremony. 

Their journey began several years ago with a Myspace message.  Natalie saw Alex's photo on a friends page, gathered all of her courage, and sent him a message.  "I guess he thought I was cute, or at least liked the song I had on my profile, and he wrote me back."

Natalie and Alex spent their first date making a photo montage of all of the things they liked on a vintage Sonny and Cher record "Good Times".  A few years later Alex framed the record and gave it to Natalie for her birthday.  So sweet and romantic!

On Valentines Day Natalie surprised Alex with Utah Jazz Basketball tickets.  Right as they were preparing to leave Natalie suddenly felt sick.  Alex refused to go the game without her and spent the evening taking care of her. That evening they shared their first kiss and Natalie knew she was playing for keeps. 

Natalie spent a long time searching for a dress and eventually found a very romantic and playful gown from Mori Lee.  The ruched bodice, natural waist, and textured organza skirt made Natalie fall in love...again!  "It is EVERYTHING I wanted, down to the little crystals inside the flowers on the dress."

Like many brides from The Perfect Dress Natalie wanted to add her own unique touch to her gown.  She had a great experience with her seamstress.  "She was so friendly and understood what I was wanting almost better than I did!  I was having a difficult time explaining how I pictured my bolero, and she made it perfect. PERFECT!"   

Natalie's dress inspired the plans for the entire wedding.  She had the cake made to match the texture of her skirt...

The centerpieces were designed to be light and feathery to mimic the lightness and flow of the gown...

And the bridesmaids were dressed in white to compliment the brides light Ivory gown...

Natalie has some very cute advice for future brides: 
"Find a dress that is so amazing and fits you so well that you want to do EVERYTHING in it!  Even eat Pizza!  Basically find the dress that you never want to take off, the dress that makes you so excited to put it on again, the dress that makes you feel giddy!"

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